Doble de Diez

High quality Spanish Tempranillo (red wine)

Brand story: A Ten – the best. Double that? All the better! Now you have something to share with your friends! This wine is about making the most of every moment. A wine that isn’t pretending to be something it isn’t. Just a sure fire, tried and tested wine with a bit of spunk. Given the “multiplicity” within the name, there is a natural opportunity to play in that graphic arena. Nods to quality with gold whether it be within the treatment of the brand name or iconography should also be considered. Exploring bold 10’s are also a unique opportunity within the wine market and ellude to a great “score”.

The client wanted to see strong, bold typography or logo development as the primary design component. Should appeal to lifestyle of drinking wine. The front label should have both “Double of Ten” and “Doble de Diez” The graphic can play off of number “10” or the word “Ten” or both.
May be there is s reflection of “TEN” or double exposure or double image overlay.
Work with “Double” and “Ten” as the inspirations.


  • Concept
  • Illustration
  • Typography
  • Packaging
  • Design