Oakden Wine Label

My client contacted me with the following thoughts regarding the wine label they need to be designed.

“Charles the first fled toward Scotland when pursued by Oliver Cromwell’s soldiers during a civil war. When fleeing, Charles the first found refuge in an “oak den” with the help of a man named John. When Oliver Cromwell’s soldiers came looking for Charles, they couldn’t find him and Charles was able to escape. Later when Charles the second heard of this story, he bestowed the man John with a coat of arms for his faithful services to the king. This all happened around 1650 and is part of my family lineage.”

“My wife and I would like to have some drafts that reflect a more classic label with the oak tree and the lion next to it, and then we would also like to consider some drafts with more of a modern twist to what is now an old family story. We would like the labels to be a cream color. Overall, we are considering three themes, 1) a classic black and white 2) a modern more bold look, and 3) a classic depiction with a water color feel with the lion as gold and the tree as green”

The following images show the development of the label design, from the final design placed on the wine bottle, back to mood board and the first sample sketches.